Benefits of Mediation

A mediation with Peaceworks ADR almost always settles a dispute. Matters settle at mediation because everyone wants to be there and parties negotiate their own settlement.

A mediation isn't adversarial. Unlike court proceedings where a judge decides who wins and who loses, a mediated settlement is agreeable to everyone. No one loses. Everybody wins.

A mediation is flexible. You choose the time and place to meet. You choose your mediator. You set a date and you start talking but you benefit from the guidance of a mediation expert who doesn't tell you what will happen but merely guides your discussions. You are always in control.

A mediation settles matters quickly and inexpensively. Court matters can drag on for years and cost parties thousands and thousands of dollars. A Peaceworks ADR mediation can be scheduled at your convenience - as soon as you would like and where you would like - and costs very little compared to lengthy court proceedings.

A mediation is confidential. All issues or concerns are discussed in a setting where everything is kept confidential. Sensitive issues can be considered in private and are not disclosed to the public unlike court proceedings.

A mediation can settle a file quickly avoiding delay, exposure to ongoing prejudgment interest, claim costs and reserves.

Remember the best claims files are closed files. A Peaceworks ADR mediation will get results and almost always settle a claim allowing you to close another file.


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