Why consider a Peaceworks mediator?

Our mediators get results. Almost all of our mediations settle the dispute. Matters are resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Really, isn't that what you are looking for? You want a mediator who can help you get the matter settled.

Our Mediators and Arbitrators have many years of experience mediating and arbitrating private and public matters.  They are senior trial lawyers with decades of Court room litigation experience and have worked with and are well regarded by plaintiff and defence lawyers and insurers.

Philip Garbutt has been acting as a Mediator and Arbitrator since 1997.

Both Philip Garbutt and Simon Adler have extensive training from well-respected Mediation and Arbitration training programs in Canada and the United States.

Our mediators are available. Have you tried to book a mediation and found some mediators are not available for many months. We are. We have offices in Toronto and Waterloo Region. However, we regularly travel throughout the GTA and South Western Ontario as well as Ottawa to mediate or arbitrate matters. We even offer evening or weekend mediation sessions.

Put simply, when considering your next mediation, consider Peaceworks ADR for your mediator.

We here to help you settle and close the file.


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